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 Who Are We?

  Still Point, an interfaith retreat center, integrates Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, is holistic in its approach, global in its outlook. Still Point fosters harmony with all life, embracing God, earth and all creation.

  Still Point offers a place of solitude, healing and restoration. As we enter into the depths of our own self, we encounter the Mystery-Beyond-Description. Such an encounter fosters deep spiritual growth.

  Still Point offers various programs with an emphasis on meditation, spirituality, healing and consciousness.

In following our mission to create an environment and spirituality that is inclusive of all people while integrating reverence and awareness of the Sacred, Still Point offers retreats and workshops that 1) celebrate the Divine Who can be encountered in our selves and in every aspect of the living Earth;  2) recognize that all beings are interdependent and each has its own value contributing to the whole; 3) explore the interface of consciousness and spirituality; 4) work toward a compassionate and mutually enhancing relationship between humans and all of creation.
We believe that it is through connecting with one's Deepest Self that we connect
most truly with one another and with all of Reality.

Still Point's thirty acres are the perfect place for a 

  • personal retreat

  • workshop

  • program

  • business meeting

  • day of reflection

  • church gathering

  • celebration of a special time in your life

  • ritual celebration.

Still Point is a non-profit organization that is fully supported by donations, fees and contributions from participants in our retreats and programs along with supporters of our mission and work.

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